Paul and Shannon Balfoort

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What can I say about Aimee Lococo-Sarabura? Well lets start with Rock Star!!!!!! Miracle Worker!!!!!Rescuer!!!! and the list for us could go on and on. We were referred to Aimee from a business friend who had, had her turn their business around, so we immediately said do you think she could help even us (we were a hot mess). Low and behold she could take us on and has walked hand in hand with us (without judgment) to fix all of our problems and to get us on the road to recovery. Aimee has taken the time to teach me so much and make me understand what I never could before, she has made the dreaded job fun and she is a hoot to spend time with, so it makes this terrifying job that I was so afraid of for so long so much more enjoyable. Thank you Aimee from the bottom of our hearts!!!!

- Paul and Shannon Balfoort
(Owners of Balson Pest Control INC.)