Tax Services Elmvale, ON

Chartered Professional Accountant

  • Preparation and filing of Personal, Estate, and Corporate Tax Returns
  • Preparation and filing of Tax Slips such as T4, T4A, T5,
  • Preparation and filing of Charity and Non-Profit Organization Returns
  • WSIB filings

Indirect Tax (GST/HST)

  • HST filings and Remittances:
  • Preparing and filing HST returns
  • Assisting with HST audits
  • Preparing and filing real estate property rebates
  • Advising on the HST status of specific transactions

Other Tax Services

  • Reporting the sale of Real Property
  • Preparation and filing special elections and voluntary disclosures
  • Preparation and filing notice of objections
  • Filing CRA Elections
  • Voluntary Disclosures
  • Interest and Penalty Relief Applications
  • Tax Instalment Calculations
  • Assisting with CRA Audits

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