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Our Business and Personal Accounting, Bookkeeping and Tax Services

  • Accounting Services

    Accounting Services

    Supporting a wide range of Accounting needs including Compilation Engagements, Business Planning, Budget Development/Analysis and more.

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  • Bookkeeping Services

    Bookkeeping Services

    Providing services to keep your books in order including Bookkeeping Support, General Ledger Maintenance, Account Reconciliation, Accounting Software Selection/Set-up and more.

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  • Tax Services

    Tax Services

    Providing a complete scope of Business and Personal tax services including Personal & Corporate Tax Planning, Preparation of Personal, Estate & Corporate Tax Returns and more.

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More than a transaction,  it is about building trust

More than a transaction, it is about building trust

Aimee provides a personal touch with all clients. Taking the time to analyze each client’s unique situation, consider their needs and present options that provide understanding and resolution to their financial management challenges.

Kelly O

Aimee is professional, prompt, articulate and practical. In addition to filing my taxes, she patiently provides explanations to all my bookkeeping queries, which I appreciate. Her fantastic personality is icing on the cake. Thanks Aimee!

- Kelly O

Simplifying the process to make your business (and life) easier

Simplifying the process to make your business (and life) easier

Aimee’s approach is one based on providing solutions and education. Her focus is not just on resolving challenges, but also on introducing systems and reporting to improve your financial management moving forward.

Will Cushnaghan

Aimee has been amazing for my business, she has sorted out the books and doing all our tax work. she’s always available and responds quickly, her communication is very good and her team is amazing. i can’t say enough good things. I highly recommend her.

- Will Cushnaghan

Quick financial management resolution so you can get back to business

Quick financial management resolution so you can get back to business

With an uncommon combination of vigilance and diligence, you can count on Aimee to take any accounting, bookkeeping or tax challenge and successfully conclude in a timely manner.

Elaine Mikkelstrup

Excellent at tax returns for my business as well as my husband

- Elaine Mikkelstrup

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